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"Lazy Eye" Popups

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Ive seen a few pics of this mod. n e 1 know how it can be done?

For those who dont know what im talking about, its where the popup lights dont popup all the way, only about 1/2 way. (sorry, i cant find n e pics as of the moment)
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There is a Japanese company called pivot that makes a headlight control unit. I finally got ahold of one last week from a friend of mine. Unfortunately the instructions are in japanese and I haven't had time to sit and translate I believe you can get them on just look under mods or whatever and then pivot. I think it's under 100 bucks.......
i have the lazy eye thing going for me and it is very easy. i don't know if this applies to your cars (make model year) but for my 92 VR-4 it is simple.

1) pop the hood

2) look directly inside of the head lights (towards the center of the car) and find the knobs that you will need to turn. on my car they are red on my car but they are normally covered by a black rubber thing (i am missing one of the rubber things though).

3) turn the knobs until the lights are at the desired level. i put mine down about 1/3 of the way.

4) you must keep the lights on all the time. if you turn them off and they go down, when you pop them back up they will pop all the way up. if this happens just start over.

i hope this helps. i think that this wasn't a mod but rather came standard with the car but i could be wrong because i only got it like three or four weeks ago. i will ask the previous owner to make sure when i get a chance.
i have that pivot stuff for sell.
50 including shipping to states/canada.
if anyone wants it, let me know.
Easiest way to do it without buying stuff is just as ikOnone said, but also, unplug the motor on each one. That way the lights work, but they won't move up or down. It's a little clip right next to the knob that you can adjust them with. (That's also a cheap snake eye's mod).
hey curt on those things do you just adjust how high you want it from inside the car or what how dose it work
I recall about a year or two ago on this board, there was a member who had fabricated shorter pieces that connected the motor to the lights. His lights worked just like normal except they didn't pop all the way up. I can't remember the specifics but it may be in the archives.

hey stigmata, is your tt the rare actual "4x4" model with the lift kits? ;) :p :D just kidding, no offense! :p :D ;) :D
there is a turnning button, u can adjust from 0% to 80% inside the car. (0% is full open)
it was on my friend's rx7 before. i'm pretty sure it works on our car too.
damn ChargerGL,
the car in that pic looks like its eyes are a little more than lazy, it looks like the car went blind:D well at least i keep mine up further than that. thanks other guy (cant see or remember your name, sorry) for the motor suggestion, i will look into that.
oh, TenshiVR-4, it was you with the mad light motor knowledge, thanks!
I dunno, they were a little lower than usual. I just didn't hit the momentary switch enough.
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hey stigmata, is your tt the rare actual "4x4" model with the lift kits? just kidding, no offense!
HAHA - yeah I got my lift kit on there for serious off-roading :p Mad mopar mudbogging!
I took that picture right after mounting the wheels so the shocks weren't compressed yet after having the car up on the jacks.

This thread is one from the archives where kcalvano explains how he made his popups only come halfway up. He modified the arm length basically in half - retains full functionality of the popups but limits how high they stick out of the hood.

momentary switch, wire, little metal ends....10 minutes

fully functioning sleepy eyes

choose your height from barely open to sleepy to fully up

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