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Laws question.

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My friend is going to US for his studies, and he wanted to take his car with him for period of studies, is that possible? I dont know the laws in US, or anything regarding this matter. So I decided ask all you people.

thanx in advance
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What kind of car? Where is it from?

He will have to comply with federal emissions standards just to get it into the country if he has it shipped here, then with whatever state laws and emissions testing in the state he registers it in.

It could be more expensive than just buying a car while he is in the states and selling it when he leaves.
He has euro spec 3000gt vr-4. I think it has more strick requrements to emissions that in US?.

As for buying/selling, he doesnt have that much free money to spend. And I dont think he would sell his baby to get some $ free.
Hmmmm.....I'm no expert on this subject, but if he has the same type of cats and exaust system that those shipped here have, he should be OK.

A right hand drive GTO would be fairly unique in the states.

If he's short on cash, he may want to check the cost of shipping it. I hear that can be quite a bundle. Again, I'm no expert in this area.

Perhaps he should call the American Embassy wherever he is and talk to them. They may send him to the State Department for his answers.

He must have a few bucks to own and maintain a VR4. I know how expensive that is here in the states. He may also be quite shocked at what insurance is going to cost him here. He's going to come in as an uninsured motorist and the first 6 months are gonna be steep.
Check with one of the groups that brings their cars here to tour Route 66, etc. You can visit with almost everything, the problem would be if the time he'll be here would require him to register it.

I would also check on insurance for a foreigner (under 21?) in the U.S. on that car.

Might could buy a p.o.s. here and drive it for 1/4 to 1/2 the cost.
Go look in my FAQ (something like "how do I import a car from Canada"), and you'll see a link to the NHTSA (or was it customs) all about importing a car.

If he stays for less than some minimum time (around 6 months?), then he's just a visitor, and does not have to comply with any laws.

If he stays for more than that minimum, then he has to import the car, and meet the safety and the emission laws.

Don't let him just show up at Kennedy with his car in a jumbo jet and hope for the best. U.S. Customs has rules, and they will be enforced.
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