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Last Chance

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Last Chance b-4 I list on E-bay with a reserve of $9500.00

I bought this vr as a toy to add all the goddies too over this winter. I bought it in july for 11,200.00 then sept 11 happened. The interest rates for home loans dropped and I want to refi my house. And what does the loan officer tell me.......I have to sell the car to get my dept ratio lower....What a crock as my house pmnts would acctly go dn...Banks suck but this is a great opportunity for someone else....So I am selling my toy...

A 92 VR4
93k miles
Green exterior in good condition
Tan interior in good condition except( wear on drivers seat and shifter )
fact rims
Pwr everything ( Only 2 problems, drivers pwoerlock and Active Aero both do not work and haven't since purchased )
AM/FM Cassette and CD Player (Controls on steering wheel )
All Drivetrain and exhaust are stock NEVER mod'ed

KBB price is at 13k

I just paid my loan down and now I am at a FIRM price of $9000.00

Pics can be seen at under Photo Gallery...
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is it on ebay yet?
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