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Lamb. Diablo doors for 3000's/Stealth

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Looking aroun the post "I kill Lamborghini a Lamborghini Diablo"
SpyderVR4 post some e-mail directions where you can see the incredible trnsformation of the pontiac Diablo in Lamborghini. If you take a look to it you can see the way they open the doors ,
I was wondering if someone know a method to do the 3000's open the doors that way too????
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none of the e-bay links worked for me. but the scissor doors have actually been done to a GTO before. i'll look around to find the pics. i couldn't give you the first step for actually doing it though.
There was a pic of lambo doors on a 3/s in this thread

but it's gone but you can see I'm telling the truth based on some of the responses I'll try to find the pic though.

It was a blue 3kgt I think with Lambo doors and a nude girl on the rear window.
I missed that pic, I need to see it!!
yeah that's it tiger. looks like the original pic was hosted on rx7clubs? is that right?
Doesn anyone know ahyting about this? A site that sells the kit? A site with directions for any car? Even if it isnt a 3S
It's been done....I believe cost was around 10k.

$10 K seems a little too expensive considering what you're getting out of it.
I'm sure there has to be a way to fo it alot cheaper than that. There is alot of custom shops arounf here, i will start asking. I saw a 3k With the hood that opens like a viper and vette hood, with the fenders. Anything is possible.
Does anyone have any close up shots of lambo doors, or anything with the scissor setup? I would like to see the braces, bracket and hydrualic setup to see if its possible to come up with a cheap alternitive
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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