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Killed a riced our Honda

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I was on my way home today when an idiot in an early 90s beat up Accord suddenly swerve into my lane almost causing side swiping my front.

At next light, I pull even with the punk. Him with a typical ricer setup, sticker front, back and windshield, bumble bee buzz from his shinny exhaust. He must not have liked me giving him the finger cause he was staring back at me throwing revs like crazy.

I really didn't think about racing him and meant to let it go, but when the light turned green, my foot took on a mind of it's own. I tore out of the green light and put about 2 cars on him, get up to 55 and slow back down to 40. And being a ricer, he of course had to do the obliged ricer fly by. So off goes my overdrive, stump on the gas, and I'm right away a car in front of him again.

After this, he jumped 2 lanes over and turned off to a side street, I guess he really didn't like his all mighty Viper killing Honda loosing to a SUV.
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HAHAHAHAH i saw your name as "SPYDERVR4" and then you end it with the SUV.. hahahaha......good kill!

Hahahaha... I was about to question the need to post a Honda kill... then the end.

I love racing ricers in my Blazer.
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