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KCI Cruise event

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This Saturday is the KCI Cruise car show event up by the airport. Only reason I'm aware of it is because I work right across the street. I plan on taking my car there for the show. Curious if anyone else plans on doing the same.

It's exactly $0 to show your car and there's gonna be food and drinks.

Show starts at 3PM and goes till dark. But usually takes a while to clear out. Just thought I would put this out there if others plan on going or didn't know about it and have nothing to do during that time. Plus its another excuse for a good wash and wax!

Hope to see some people there and finally meet those in the area.

Happy motoring!
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How did not see this?
Wish I would have found this a few days ago. How was it?
I had an amazing time. Took me a good 3 hours to finally get the opportunity to walk away from my car and admire all the other classics, hot rods, rat rods, imports, and other crazy cars and trucks at the show. O never saw it but I guess there was a 99 vr4 at the show as well. I will definitely be going back next year. I hope maybe by then we can get a few more members together and claim a section all to ourselves.
I'm in, would also bring in my dad with his rat rod, my grandpa with his '67 Mustang and my brother with his 1950 Plymouth Deluxe.
Sounds like a good family! I'm hoping to have my first stage of performance stuff done by then and have the body cleaned up, dents removed, and repainted the same color by then. Turns out tornadoes do a lot of small damage.
Don't have any pics of my brother's car handy but:

I wouldn't show my car as is. I am hoping to get my hood replaced and fender cleaned up this winter as well as repainting some exterior trim pieces and clean up the engine bay.
What are your plans performance wise?
Upgrade the turbos, injectors and lines with fpr and gauge, and mass with translator to adapt for the fuel and air differences. Just my first step till I have larger funds to work with. Then intercooler piping and other odds and ends. This car hasn't seen salty roads and its staying that way so once winter comes I will start the work. Also pulling the motor to rebearing it and a new higher end clutch.
I am in the process of setting up a MAFT Pro right now. Installation alone has been quite the process and I have only been using the boost control so far, setting up a speed density tune is goingto be interesting. It is going to replace my Chrome set up. Just don't need that much adjustability for this car.

Any idea what trubos and if you are going to go hard pipes or larger SMICs?
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