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Which Front End, Kaze or Bomex?

  • Kaze

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • Bomex

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Kaze or Bomex Front End??

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I need a bigger mouth on my front end. So which one OUT OF THESE 2, do you all prefer. Sudggesting other ones is just futile, and will plainly irritate me. ;)
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Heres the bomex.


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Heres the Kaze, turboturd has more. This isnt a very good pic of it.


I like both of them, the bomex has some things that I like, and the kas has some things that I like.

bomex- like the way it has the side vents because they are there stock plus it looks cool, also I like the "nostril" looking things.

kaze- overall appearance, plus just has a unique look to it.

I think color also has part in choosing the front end, in your case being red... I think the kaze looks better in red than the bomex.

P.S. hey pokey I haven't seen them in person but the bomex looks to have a lot more space for the fmic. the Kaze doesn't look big enough for you fmic.
oh yeah don't forget to get side skirts also, it just wouldn't look right without them, plus you'll probably get a discount if you buy both at the same time.
pokey check this out. its a bomex body kit, I love everything about it except the spioler but I could live with it. the rear end is awesome, plus the side skirts look good too.
ty. you helped make up my mind. That car looks like a camaro or something, i just cant figure it out.

Did ya see all of the pics of the Kaze??? I like it just a hair better.
so your saying you don't like the yellow gt? the only thing about the Kaze is that it will probably be kinda hard to match side skirts for it. and also like I said before the Kaze doesn't look big enough for your front mount.

P.S. you sould buy a veilside kit!

Sudggesting other ones is just futile, and will plainly irritate me.
okay I looked at the Kaze for about the 10th time now and I'm just falling more and more in love with it. I really like the way the silver one looks! and it looks okay with the stock side skirts.

bah don't ask me anymore I can't make up my mind.
In the end, I like the Bomex better, and it seems to have more space for a FMIC.
Pokey I think that you should go with the 99 conversion that Brandon ( pearl) is making for about 300. The other two look too rice for most people.
pokey said:
Suggesting other ones is just futile, and will plainly irritate me. ;)
It's his car... he can do what he wants with it, right?
more pics



<img src="">

personally, both look awsome, i perfer the bomex


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They both look very rice ... I mean ... NICE. ;)
I don't give a shit about people who say things are rice. you know what if you guys thing something is rice stick it up your ass! if you don't like it fine, your entitled to your own opinion. if I think it looks good I'm going to put it on my car.
You found it! I've been looking for pic of GTO with Okuyama
strut tower bar for a while now.:) I wasn't sure of the clearance
but it looks good, so far there's no one would import the bar,
so I'm going to call my friend tonight and have him order it for
me, I guess!:)
Thanks for the pictures, what website you got it from?

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