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Kansas City 3s owners, join in!

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Since our old one was deleted, I thought why not start a new one:D .

Lets all join in and see who is all in the KCMO area!!

< Jimmy as stated in my sig.

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I'm in Overland Park but actually i'm in Manhattan going to college. I'm back on holidays of course
Nice. I'm the same way. Overland Park during holidays and Bloomington during the school year.
I'm in Topeka and wondering about a semi close shop that works on these cars that doesn't charge in gold bricks??
Out of Olathe

Robert, in KC north. I do work out of my garage.

Heads, Engines, 60K's and just about anything else 3S related.
97 3000GT SL out of Shawnee just got down with Lawrence, now back at least for a while
out of kansas city, mo. in need of some help too...
you ever get help atom?
im in olathe 95 sl red i see quite a few cars around
Out in Gardner, KS
Im in manhattan going to school but Im actually from Maryland but I got my car shipped out here. im lookin for a shop that will do this engine swap for me. and how much they would charge for labor. does anyone know where I can find a shop. that knows are cars?
pm ssent. I lived in manhattan for 14 years i should be able to lead you in the right direction.
Internexus will be moving up to KC at the end of this month. On another note man is this chapter dead.
I'm currently stationed at Ft. Leavenworth and am looking for more car people in the area. I'll be heading to the tracks once this weather clears up. Looking forward to trying out the new Raytown track.

In the meantime, if anybody is bored on a weekend and would like to talk cars, hang out or need some help turning wrenches, let me know. I worked as a professional mechanic for nearly 6 years. I've been out of the 3S world for a bit and am a bit rusty. Though I've moved onto other career options, I still have nearly all of my tools. Just keep in mind that a full size Snap-On box doesn't fit well in our trunks.
I am in need of a good 97 3000GT SL mechanic, My car gets no power to ignition, when I inserted the key nothing happens when i turn, no accessories, no lights, nothing. The head lights still come on though, so its not the battery. I am really sick of trying to work on it so if anyone here would be willing to work on it or know a good shop to take it to I would really appreciate. Thanks for any help. I.E. located in Shawnee so don't want to have to tow across town and get charged up the arss, but at this point its whatever thought
I just moved up here to Merriam. Where does everyone meet up around here?
Does anyone plan on going to the dyno days this weekend at Modified by KC?
I just moved up here to Merriam. Where does everyone meet up around here?
Most of us seem to be concentrated in South KC/OP/Olathe area. We've all been kinda waiting on the weather to warm up some. :)

To be honest, the scene has been a little dead around here for awhile. Hopefully this summer will be better.

Does anyone plan on going to the dyno days this weekend at Modified by KC?
Most of us are heading to Omaha this weekend for the annual INK3S meet.
Thread at It's short notice, but the more the merrier. :)
1 - 20 of 143 Posts
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