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K&N Aircharger for sale

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I have a K&N Aircharger for sale on ebay. It is the 63-1000 for the non-turbo 3000GT's and Stealth and the Eclipse turbo. It has the mounting brackets and adapters and a new recharging kit. I have only used it for 4,500 miles and it's in perfect condition. If you are interested go to:
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I'm interested in buying, but was curious on why u are selling it. Will it fit all models of the base 3000 and is it the discontinued model? I just dont wanna be stuck with a filter that doesnt work right. Thanks
I'm selling it because I got rid of my car. I had it installed on my 1995 base model 3000gt. It will fit any non-turbo 3S.
How much were you looking to get for it cause im very interested in buying at this moment. thanks
It is listed on ebay, starting bid of $50 plus $10 for shipping/handling, etc. The link is above in the original post.
I dont like ebay

70 with shipping sold...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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