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Just thinking....

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I wonder how much people in Japan would be willing to pay for Stealth R/T body panels :D I mean, if I lived in Japan and had a GTO, I would want to have R/T body panels because no one else would have them. ..At least I dont think :p

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Sounds like a good idea.....I hear they are big into having Viper kits.

on a 3000GT?? VIPER kit??? POO! What a derrogatory remark to the Viper. What a derrogatory remark to the 3000GT!!!!:mad:

That's like making a Sunbird look like a freaking Talon!!!

oh wait, someone already tried that.....:(:rolleyes:
yeah, I can hear them now...."hey man, just got my new lower horsepower A-spec engine and A-Spec body panels!"
Not on the 3000GT, but on other cars they have. Just saying they do like the american cars. Just like we like the Japanese cars.

I understand not changing to american spec mechanicals, but the body panels? That shouldn't be any downgrade. that should be pretty cool, I would think
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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