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Just seems like everything is going wrong!

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well, first my rotors are going, everytime I start my car, the anti-lock light comes on and wont go off unless i turn off the car and restart it......seems like an easy way to bypass the problem, but the light comes on for a reason....right? I also noticed that when the car is not moving and i try to shift to 2nd or Low, the shifter feels like it is pushing it back up to drive, something like if you stretch a rubber band and the feeling you get when the rubber band pulls back.......if you stretch the rubber band a little bit, that is like trying to shift into 2nd......and if you stretch the rubber band all the way, that is like trying to shift into try and bypass this problem i restart the car works but why does this rubber band effect happen in the first place? Also shifting from Park to Reverse there is a jolt or it just doesn't shift as smooth as it used to? What would this problem be? The same thing happens when shifting into Drive, but isn't as bad. It just seems like an endless list of problems. I would appreciate any feedback....Thank You.:(
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ditto everything. My car acts the same exact way. I planned on using some Redline MT90 in the auto tranny, but I'm not sure if it would fix the prob. And that damn antilock light just comes on when it feels like it. Whats up with that. Anyone?
now i think im hearing things too.....when i turn on the radio or even play a cd there is something that sounds like morse(sp?) code that comes out through my speakers:eek: I thought it was caused by my cell phone.....but it happens even when i don't have my phone....what's happening to my car? :confused:
After a while all auto trannies need to be serviced. Probably just needs some cleaning so things move smoothly. My dad's dodge does the same thing. As for the brakes, did either of you replace the pads recently? If you forget to bleed some of the pressure off of the brake system before you squish the pistons down, you can cause the ABS system to whack out. Not a cheap fix either :( Also, the morsecode sound is probably either blown speakers, or too many amps from the stereo. Run to Car Toys (not recommended, Car Toys is horrible) or Best Buy and buy a little thing called an audio filter. Not sure how much they are, but they'll stop that sound.
yeah the car is about ready for some has 79,000 miles and my father hasn't done the 60k service yet.......isn't there another one at 75k......i should tell him before the car just dies on me before we have to spend more money to fix an even bigger problem....but he did mention something about over hauling the car at 100k, plus a new paint job.....but will it last that long? i hope that my speakers haven't blown out:( ......they still sound good but that morsecode just come in every few minutes.......about bleeding the brakes, i have to ask my father on that one cuz he was the one who got the brake pads changed........maybe months ago.
For the ABS, you'll probably have to take that to the dealer. Could just be an electrical problem. If the lights go away after you restart the car, that could be all. You will have to get the Tranny serviced though. It's like $500 bucks for the standard service.
Pinoyboy3000- I wouldn't mess around with not doing to 60K service. I would just get it done. I've heard that waterpumps will fail a lot over 60K, plus if your timing belt goes, then your gonna be bending over hoping the mechanic will use some lube. I would have to recommend that you go ahead and get that done.
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