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Jeff VanOrsdal (gatecrasher) .....Look here

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Well, I'm not Jeff, but I'll bump you up!

Thats not a TT, I dont believe.
Mr. Crasher is looking for the TT version.

BTW...he is out of town (Illinois, I believe).


Thanks guys.... I know Jeff has been trying to get some info on the purple '96. I was thinking that maybe he should look into it, because you know how dumb a lot of people are about our cars. It's just a Stealth.... or an R/T (maybe not knowing that there is a difference between that and a R/T TT). But given the rarity of the Purple '96, I thought that this may be one of the TTs.
Thanks Chad. It's nice to know a few of those still exist.

Bob's right though. I'm looking for an AWD car if I get another one. It's either gonna be black or purple :)

Bob, I'm in central Missouri. You think I should cut through Dayton on the way home? ;)
Jeff , Where 'bouts in MO are you ? We are having a gathering in ST.Louis this Sat. if your going to be passing through.
Sweet. I just posted a thread looking for something to do this weekend. Point me to the details and I'll be there :D

I'm in Jefferson City BTW.
look here . Hope to see you there . You are more than welcome to drop by my house too If you like .
Hey Jeffy!!!!!!!!

Of course I think you should come through Ohio (and subsequently stop by the house).

What day are you coming through?

Let me know and I'll make sure I have some "ICE" on hand.

Sorry about the Illinois error, I thought thats where you were :)

Looking forward to seeing you, and having you meet the clan.

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Hey Bob !!!!
I think your the designated 3SI Godfather for the traveling weary that drives through the heart of Dayton, OH. :D IF I ever get my car running and feel like a long road trip .... I will definitely stop by. :)

...But I dont think I am OLD enought to qualify for "GODFATHERSHIP" yet:rolleyes:

Brandon and Pacino weren't old when they did Scarface. :D
Maybe you should change your screen name to Godfather. ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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