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Jeff Lucius just linked my webpage to his! I am SOMEBODY!!!!

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I saw Jeff Lucius' homepage today and my 4-bolt main conversion webpage was linked!:cool:

I feel like Steve Martin in "the Jerk" when his name got put in the phone book. He starts yelling "I AM SOMEBODY" Hopefully nobody with a high power rifle that hates cans is reading this! (watch the movie)

John Monnins Homepage

This is hosted by AOL and they are so busy during the day you mayhave to hit "refresh" a few times to get it to come up.):(

I finally got my homepage respectable,it is not quite complete but I finished the following sections which I feel are unique.

- 4-bolt main block conversion details with parts, costs and pictures.
- How to use CAPS, the instructions with the program are horrible, this is defiantely an improvement
- How to relpace the output shaft on you awd transmission, copy of Email Pat Ramsey sent me. John Adams page covers this too.
- Why dealers SUCK with list of how much it cost me to get substandard service.
- Cost comparison of all of the spark plug wires I could find for our cars "DOHC only"
- And MUCH MUCH MORE! (Actually only a little more but what do you want for free):D
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Congatulations. Stealth316 is freaking awesome.

I'm in the piston guide...

Thanks Jeff! You have quantified my exsistance. :D
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