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j-specs engine

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Where can you find them and for how much ( turbo)?
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I got mine from a California shop called Nippon Motors. If you do a search on the boards or on yahoo, you will get a few hits. They typically run about $2500.
I just received my jspec today. I ordered from a company called CNS Motors in Long Beach, CA - very good service, and the engine looks really nice too. Price was $2500 for me.

CNS Motors website
Check out this link:

Jeff has many link to engine sellers.

By the way,for all of you guys who bought the engine for $2500,
was it a short block or long block?
Its the whole shi-bang. Most j-specs come with all the turbo stuff already on, but i've heard of a few guys that get them with one missing or a few parts. Usually the block has a 1 year warranty on it, while any accessories (including turbos, turbo oil lines, etc) have no warranty whatsoever...buyer beware!
To get all the plumbing right you'll probably have to use your old intake and maybe steal a few other parts
how much hp or diference

what is the hp on a j spec motor and what is the difference n a j spec form the regular vr4 motors??????? is there any difference ????
I know that many guys had heard that there was slightly less HP in a j-spec due to the fact that in japan, theres a limit on something or another. I think it was dis-proven though.

Do a search, there is plenty of info on that subject.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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