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hi guys ,
i have a question. I am going to buy a j-spec engine, what should i do after get the engine. Any parts of the engine i should look at? Also mostly how much to do the engine swap in shop?
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there are 2 routes, the right way, and the poor college kid way.

the right way:
water pump
timing belt
oil pump
exhaust manifolds
emission controls (depending on your state)

poor college kid way:
exhaust manifolds

I went the poor college kid way on mine. I did all the work myself. I think a shop would charge about $1000
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why are you gonna buy a JSPEC engine? they make less horsepower than the US engines do. at least thats what i've heard.

I quoted an engine shop today and their labor is 1800 to install an engine!!

I have spun bearing on my engine so i need another engine to replace that shit on my car now!!!!!!
i cant believe youre thinking of replacing an entire engine just for a spun bearing. provided you didnt drive the car with the bearing bad ie put a load on it ,a spun bearing wont damage the crank journal. all you have to do is pull the oil pan off the motor from under the car un do the 4 main journals and replace the bearings and thrust washers on the journals, then replace the journal caps. and torque to spec, this job can be done in an afternoon by an average mechanic for a few hundred dollars. this is of course provided you didnt drive the car!!! if you want to go whole hog have him replace the rod bearings while hes in there ( cheap insurance) the main and rod bearings for the 3 liter six are only 118 dollars for the set. this whole job i do for around 500 bucks.

best of luck
supermacs pop.
I hoped i can do that before but i found out that i can move the piston by using hand! (i disaeemble the top end) So probably there are some damages inside the crank! To fix the crank by the machine shop cost almost 1000 so the best way is to buy another engine!

why not just buy bigger turbos and be done with it?
is the size of the turbos not the only difference?
supermac said:
why are you gonna buy a JSPEC engine? they make less horsepower than the US engines do. at least thats what i've heard.

They make less quoted horsepower because of the weird power restrictions/taxes(?) in japan. I've never really gotten the fully story, but rest assured, its making as much or more hp than the us versions. (Definatly more in higher rpm ranges, as they have 13g turbos stock, so i'm sure they are holding more boost).

they are only allowed to have 280 horsepower max for a lot of there engines... like the lexus q45 i believe it is has 280 horse there but somehow magically the same engine pumps out 340 horse over here
by the way, the engine they use in the Q45 in Japan is Direct Injection, so it has more torque, but lower hp rating, sure they lower the output also.

It's not magical, but it is funny thing that country that produces the car doesn't get the more powerfull version.

no, It is the ministry of transport sets that gentlemen's agreement, that is 206kw-280hp for all cars, so that it is safer, and such and such, there are about 10000 deaths each year from car accidents in Japan each year, and you can see why now.

And there are some exceptions, like some after tuning company sales, such as NISMO, Autech, ...etc,(for nissan)

but the point is that all those engines have the ecu management that restricts the fuel and the air so that the engine will not make more than 280(about), even though many companies lie about that(Subaru for one) and funny thing is, there is absolutely no restrictions for torque.

I forgot exactly what car made this gentlemen's car, but I believe that was some Nissan car, 300ZX, maybe it was Mazda Cosmo(correct me if I am wrong). but one of the car caused this to happen for some reason.

I really believe this will be changed as far as I am concerned, as all new cars are coming out in Japan right now. Soon enough, one car will break the 280 rated hp, and will be okay. The thing is that standard of safety has advanced so much in last 12 years(that is about when the agreement happend), so it should really be changed so Japanese cars are more attractive and powerfull.
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