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j spec 3000gt

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what size injectors and turbos did the j spec 3000gt vr4 come with
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The same as the U.S. spec engine. Japanese upgraded their turbos more often than us, so sometimes you'll see j-specs with 13G turbos.
they did not come with the same size as the US they were larger probably 440cc. same as the eclipse stock
um, yes they did come with 360cc injectors. You may get a modified engine that had larger injectors though.
i was told they came with larger ones to accomodate the larger turbos!

Did you not read my post??? J-Specs come stock with 9B turbos and 360cc injectors. Some guys upgraded to 13Gs and probably upgraded their injectors too.
i along with hans have j-spec motors and i know they come with 13g turbos and 360c injectors
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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