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I just received a letter in the mail (snail mail) from JD Power & Associates to take the Mitsubishi Service Satisfaction Questionnaire. I took the online survey which I am posting here in case anyone else wants to voice their opinons, especially about the Getrag transmission.

Go to and use passcode 0440196Y.

I never had any complaints about their service, but I did add comments about the Getrag problems. Maybe we get more surveys to them and eventually to Mitsubishi.

Brian 1995 VR-4

Thanks for that link to JD Power. I just ripped Mitsubishi a new butt hole. Except this.. I stated that the most recent service I received here in Atlanta was great. My car is back to running like new again. However, I had a lot to say about Max Madsen Mitsu, who had my car tied up for over 100 days and attempted to repair recurring stumbling and misfiring no less than 7 times, and in the end, I had to have the front cylinder head rebuilt myself, where the f*&#d it up when they rebuilt it. Peachtree Mitsu did a great job of getting the car's engine back right again. My cost out of pocket... $2200. I'm battling Max Madsen to get them to cover this and stand behind their 12000 mi/1 year warranty. They have asked me to send my receipts to them, and thats a good sign, but I won't hold my breath over it. This has been ongoing for 18 months.
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