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Its time

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Alright. With the worsening sounds of my exhaust, coming from the cat which I think blew a hole in it, (If its not that, its right near there.) I feel that its a sign for me to suck it up and do the exhaust. I've been procrastinating for awhile because Im not sure what I want to do with it. Oh, yeah and the whole college student relationship with money thing. But I don't want to half-ass it, if Im gonna do it, then the whole thing is getting done. So I've been thinking about strolling over to Meinike and talking to them about it. Now I've talked to some pretty stupid auto mech. (a good amount of them coming from the local Dodge dealership), and I was curious to know if anyone had any idea of what meinike will and wont do. I'm not talking cat-back, but from the engine back. It all looks crappy anyway, and as I said, it needs to be done. Oh and could someone give me an idea on the price for each thing, even if its ball-park. Thanks!

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The first thing you need to do is take it into Meineke and have them find out what's leaking. Then you can make some educated decisions about your options.
I'm not even concerned with whats leaking, really. I've been wanting to do the exhaust for awhile, and I figured since Im going to have to do something with it, now is as good time as any other, so...
I don't think that an exhaust shop will do a test pipe or any cat gutting. I know that altered atmosphere has an entire exhaust system with apexi n1 mufflers. I think they want like 1500 bucks though. I just got a stillen downpipe that was like 350 or 400. It got rid of one precat and the main cat, so only one cat had to be gutted. I plan on finishing my exhaust with apexi mufflers, but I'll probably have to get someone to custom bend the pipe that starts after the downpipe. don't know how much this will be, but Im sure not cheap. Thats all the help I can give you.

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