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basically guys, i have been given an ultimatum. either i sort out the stink coming through the vents or i can kiss goodbye to my missus ever getting into the car again(i have to admit that today was especially bad). now i know for some of you guys this would be a pretty easy, no brainer decision, but we have two kids for gods sake and she is the only one who knows the combination for the safe deposit box. therefore can you please help me with this smelly problem? the car that is.

is there something wrong with the vents or is there something wrong with the cooling defrosting system?

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I know mine gets a little musty once in a while. I use Febreze. You can find it at any grocery store in the laundry department. Just open the hood and turn the vents on high. Spray into the vent on the out side of the windshield several times. I am sure it is water accumulating and getting stale. I hope this helps.

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I had the same problem with mine. I went to the dealer, they changed the fluid in the whole system, cleaned the stuff up (there were some "mushrooms" around, yiek) and since then I do not have any problems. The AC is always on i nmy car as it starts smelling again when it turns on/off often.

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Take you car to a repair shop. They have this foamy stuff that they inject into your venting system. Either that or go to your local auto parts store. You can get stuff that you spray into your intake vent (in front of the windsheild).... OR get some Lysol an spray that into your intake vent. The stuff that smells is mildew in the vent system (see previous post about mushrooms!) You need to kill that stuff.

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Ive had dead mice in my old musclecars before and there aint no lysol going to get rid of that stench,is it mildew or something else.....Mark

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...and if nothing works...i think the car should stay. lol

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thanks for the advice. i will try the spraying thing first before i get the system cleaned out due to the fact that any visit to a mitsu dealer over here always leaves me cleaned out.

kcalvano.... lol. i can't wait for my wife to wake up so i can share some of my new found wisdom with her. i'll keep you posted on the divorce proceedings.
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