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As some of you may know, I'm in the process of buying a 1999 3000GT SL 5spd.

Just went to the dealer and tested it out; also brought it to a mechanic to check it out. It was fabulous!

Now for my questions:

Can you guys recommend me dual exhausts I can use for this car? Or is it possible to keep the original 4-tip exhaust but have a more agressive sound?

What about Air Intake? I hear Stillen makes the best.

The car may need new rims in the future as they look kind of worn. Should I get 19"? (the car has 17" right now).

Also, should the car get lowered or is the stock height fine?

If you have anything else to add, please feel free to do so.

Here is a pic of the car that I got from the dealer's website (image is grainy, sorry)


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search, search search.

There are easily a dozen threads about exhaust just from the last month. The consensus is to go with a custom setup. Sound clips are abundant on these threads.

The sound of the exhaust can be changed by a lot of things. Removing the resonator on the intake pipe, replacing the front pipe, replacing the cat, removing the exhaust resonator or the premuffler, replacing the main muffler, etc. Not all of these changes are good, mind you, and most people recommend leaving the resonator and prefuffler on to avoid riceyness.

For air intake, I personally have SuperMac's intake filter, and I like it. As long as the filter flows pretty freely, I don't think which brand it is should make much difference.

Rims I really have no opinion on. I still have the stock rims on my car, and the one's in the picture you posted look fine to me. Whatever your preference is though.

Same with lowering the car. I think these cars are low enough stock, but some people hate any wheel gap whatsoever. Again, personal preference.

The car looks great. I've always liked the 99's; they look almost as good as my car. :D;) buy it, get some tint on the windows, and have fun with your new awesome car.
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