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It Sounds Like Turbo..

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My '95 R/T sounds like it has turbo, but it doesn't. About 2500 rpm it starts to whistle, when I am driving anyone with me and everyone around me thinks I have turbos, but I don't. Does anyone else have this happening to them??? Or do you know what it is causing it ???
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air filter?
I have a brand new air filter. I just had a complete service. So that isn't the problem, but I still need to know what is wrong.
Check for a vacuum leak. Most of the time that's associated with a rough idle though. (?)
hey Mystic_Stealth,

my dad has a 91 stealth Es that does the same thing. everyone that hears it thinks it's a turbo, but it isnt. only thing is though... he made his whistle. he took off the airbox and drilled 1 inch holes all over it in certain places. then he put it back on and it sounds just ike a turbo spooling up. all i can say is that maybe someone before you has done this type of modification as well. it's a cheap and easy way to add about 5 horse to your car without spending an arm and a leg for a new intake.

anyway hope that helps ya some.

I thought I was the only one so I didn't bother making a post about it hehe...
My car makes the same sound... I thought it was an exhaust leak but it may be the way our engines sound.
I think it just the way that the air is getting sucked into the air filter. My 91 steath es does the same thing. I have no leaks on its so that is what i concluded to it. Sounds pretty sweet though. Wish there was really turbos in there. :(
Well there are no leaks, my boyfriend is a mechanic and he checked. There person before me was a mother that just used her car to get around, and never did any mods to the car. The car is in excellent shape, and I was just wondering if any one know want it is. Thanks for your responds, and I'll double check on it..
My SOHC Base stealth does it... Sounds awesome. I have to regretfully tell people.... "No, it's not a turbo..."
Mine happens all the time, at first I only heard it at high rpms then I noticed it was doing it at low rpms in 2500. I try and have my boyfriend check on it. Thanks.
My car used to sound like that, found out it was interference in the speaker system :)
Took me FOREVER to realize it too. Then I was messing with the way my speaker wire was run, and it had moved to the rear. ZING! Better RCA cables fixed this, as the ones that were in there previously were like 26 gauge POS wires.
Might want to check that, had me thinking the same thing for 6 months (it only happened sometimes)
happened to me when i took my resonator bottle out. remember hearing people say that removing the resonator adds very minimal low end and makes the intake sound a little louder ? :p :D
It doesn't come from the speaker wires. And I was thinking it was the resonator bottle, but then my boyfriend remembered it was there before we removed it. I checked the air filter, and I checked all the lines, but I know it isn't a line because the car would lag to, which it doesn't.
does it only happen when you start off your car in first gear??

might be the transmission
conclusion......its just the way air gets sucked into the airbox. the car runs dead smooth (no vacuum leaks), its not speaker ( no RCA that i know of and it does it with the stereo off), does it in every gear and is more noticable in 3,4,5. sounds just like my VR4 but doesnt squat when the sound hits. LOL
Man and I thought I was the only one too. Everyone thinks I have turbos. I love the sound. I have noise on my RCA jacks too but this is different and definately coming from outsite. I hope it never goes away. I wonder if Mitsu originally intended it to sound like this originally, since many of us seem to have the same problem and the resonator bottle (or leakage through) might be tied into the noise....

Someone should investigate and remove pieces of the intake pipe starting with the air filter and see what makes it wistle. If I can remember to try it, I may open my fliter box and let it hang slightly to the side.

Hey, anyone out there get this sound even with the $100 K&N system? I just have the $35 drop-in filter.
klamathpro said:
Hey, anyone out there get this sound even with the $100 K&N system? I just have the $35 drop-in filter.
Mine has the turbo whistle sometimes also. 1992 DOHC. I have some whistle from the turbos, and then sometimes my speakers will act up and I'll pick up some turbo-sounding noise from the interference. When they're both going it's really noticeable :)

I have the K&N Aircharger (for Eclipses), and it doesn't really affect the turbo sound. It actually sounds just like the stock airbox, until you floor it above 3500rpm :eek: :cool:

- Brad
92 Pearl White R/T
maybe you're hearing the gears in your transmission whine.....

silverbullet's whine was loud after he swapped in his tranny until he got his interior fully assembled again, or got a shift boot, something to muffle the noise some...
trust me.....i could tell the difference if it was a tranny noise.
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