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Is this any good?

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I am looking to replace my stock stereo and speakers in my 91 Stealth R/T. The planned setup is an Alpine CDA-7873 deck, with Kenwood KFC-P603 components up front, and Kenwood KFC-6905S 6x9 in the rear.

Does this sound like a decent setup? I want clear and crisp music. 6x9's I think will give me as much bass as I desire. Any input would be helpful.
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Sounds pretty good to me, as long as you stick with the
major brands, you should be good to go. There is usually
only a sonic difference between major brands. If you can try
to listen to the speakers before you put them in, to get
a sense of what they will sound like. New 6x9's probably
won't have a lot more bass than stock, it just clears it up a
bit. But install it, and if you need you can put in a small sub
to fill the bottom end, you can always do that later.
For a real improvement, I'd do this:

Deck + 4 channel amp + components + subwoofer. Run components off channels 1 &2, and bridge 3&4 for the sub. 6x9s are a waste, but if you really desire them run them off head unit power, which is worthless for almost anything else. Do get a dedicated amp for the front speakers, at least.
The reason I want to get the Alpine deck is because it has some impressive power. 60Wx4 max, and 27Wx4 RMS. I've heard 6x9's powered by only a 40Wx4 deck, and it sounded pretty punchy. I want to keep things fairly simple, and thats why I don't want to bother with amps and subs.

My factory 6x9's have some bass, but if you turn them up real loud they get distorted and muddy sounding. Better 6x9's and a new deck I think would satisfy my thirst for bass.

Why do I need a dedicated amp for the front components mobilebeatz?
A good, strong front stage is what the next step in mobile audio recreation is about. Power that emanates from in front of you. Deck power ratings are entirely worthless, but if you find that power sufficient, then go for it.
I understand what you are saying. I know all about loud and powerful music. My home stereo is 800 watts and it is so loud the highest I have ever had it is 1/3.

I think being in a car, the area is a lot smaller, and I never listen to my music really loud. I think a deck will be enough power for me, but I understand the desire people have to put two 12's in the back and run 500W through them. Thanks for your input and advice.
Yeah. I'm not talking about bass though, that's easy. Too many folks think that's the essence of a system. More power means more headroom which means everything has to work less hard, and the speakers respond to more clean power.
It all really depends on your budget, and what you want.
Some people like there stock AM/FM tape player. Others
need a 1500W Stereo and 3 15" Subs in the back. It all depends
on what sounds good enough for you. ( and you budget )
mobilebeatz has the right idea. You'd be happier with deck+components+4 channel amp + 1 sub. Look around for the components, dont settle on the kenwoods. As mobilebeatz said, deck power ratings are worthless, that deck does not put out 27wrms most likely. If youre on a budget get the deck, comps, and 4 channel amp for now, NO 6x9's!!! Put the 6x9 money towards a sub, or better comps :O)
Kenwoods are affordable and a reputal brand. Why tahoeboarder84 should I avoid the Kenwoods? I've have been looking at an Alpine 8" with a bandbass box instead of 6x9's, and bridging an Alpine 4 channel amp to power the sub, and the front channels for the components.
Dont waste any money on 6 by 9's they make zero bass in our car. Just buy componets for the front and a sub for the back and power them with a 3 or 4 channel amp.
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