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Is it just me?

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I know I'll be inviting all kinds of derogatory comments with this post, but it must be said:

Am I the only one who clicks on "new thread" when I'm attempting to reply? I do it all the damn time...something about the ergonomics of this site, seems that button is too easily pushed. Or I'm a moron...
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No, I see plenty of people do it. I don't do it anymore then again I can move around this site with my eyes closed. Probably cuz I only have a few post :D . Just remember reply on the right, post on the left.

I dont have that problem. I dont hit the brake pedel when I want to excellerate - just take an extra second to watch what you are doing.
Not actually looking for advice, but for commiseration. I'm not actually a moron; a little-self deprication is good....
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