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Is anyone doing anything with their cars anymore?

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Man, it seems like there are less hits on this site and the nobody is doing anything with their cars. Or is everyone doing things but keeping it a secret till next years geathering.
Anyway, it was beautiful out today and I haven't driven my car in a long while so I dropped the top and went for a curise. Man, I love my car!!! It made my day. I can't wait till I get everything done to it that I want. The exhuast rules, it is so loud and I can feel the extra hps from it. I have much more coming. Can't wait. If you are depressed, take your ride for a short or long cruise, and you will be reborn as to why we pay out the ass to keep our cars.
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I had a dream about my SL last night :( Wierd ass dream though. Gotta stop snorting a line before I go to bed ;)
I'm putting Intrax/KYB's on my car tonight..

And yes, everything else is a big secret.. All I can say is watch out.. ;)
I found one General Electric F404-100 Engine that I want to drop in my GTO. Mabey this summer. :p

On a serious note, I'm playing around with plans to get the most bass out of our cars without taking up any storage space in the rear hatch. This is not limited to, but may involve removing the whole rear seat area and designing a rear storage similar to the Ferrari F40. A serious clean looking outrageous idea is under way.

That's about all that's going on on this home front.
My VR4 has become to ferocious for an everyday car. I burned a piston at Pocono in August so She's going to GTPro soon for an engine rebuild to make her fiercer yet. Titanium con rods, race cam, pistons, crank, headers, fuel cell, weld in the cage.
Come May she's gonna b gobbling up Vipers & Porsches like Hors D'ouerves :)
Ya see, Silverbullet and I have been secretely devising a scheme to shut out every single n/a car at the DSM Import Shootout next summer. We figure if we just set our cars on top of one another, instead of rougly 222 hp each, we'll have about 444. That way we can have the fast 1/4 mi ET @ Norwalk....

we all ran out of money at the same time :(

Im just trying to get the car nice n stable till I start ripping shit apart again. Plus winter is coming up. not to mention the holidays.. more money going towards presents, travel.. etc
finishing my brake conversion this evening... gotta do shocks/struts/cat/downpipe?/fuel pump/injectors/egt gaugesx2/a-f gauge/i think that's it... by christmas... cuase the supercharger is going in sometime in january... after that it's a secret til oc 2002 ;) i guess i'm still doing some work on the car... hans n i... what about you liu, have you gotten your dent fixed yet, or your bra issue? ya know i gotta bust your stones... :D safe travels man.

- mike

Yup, the secrets out. I'm spending way to much money on my car and I'm sure it'll break again.

Bullet, you ain't got no stickin' secrets. :)

Hulk, get that beast running again but keep it in a straight line. :) Hope all is well and say hello to the wife. :)
Check my sig there is a lot comming... hopefully when the track opens next year I can put down some respectable numbers.... hopfully :D
I'm selling mine, does that count?:p
yeah im keeping everything a secret (so noone at the gathering that i have no chance in hell of showing up to) knows what im doing to my car. that is unless someone wants to ship my car 2300 miles for me.
Getting mine ready to be stored away for the winter.
Hey Dan,

Remember me, we met at the Reading Gathering. Anyway, since that day I did alot to my VR4 as u can see in my sig.. Are u going to the King of Prussia meet on 11/23? We would love to see ur Stealth conv. again. Did u fix that side dent yet?

Dam it, leave my dent alone. That is part of my secret for next year. I have to get all my parts before taking it to the shop and I don't have all the parts that I need yet. I want the dent out by next year but I don't know if I can scrap up enough money to pay for the parts and bodywork and paint. I want it more than any of you can possible imagine.
As for the geathering, I can't make it. I have to help out a friend some, and get a little cash to pay for crap. Not enough though, its never enough. Everyone will be suprised if I finish what I want for next year.
As for the foglights, I am in no rush. Your car comes first so don't even stress it. Thanks
Bought a new car for a daily driver. Also, after BPU, it seems the choices are just a question of how much cash I want to blow. I would love to drop it off and have AAM or GT-pro make it a 600h.p. monster, but I wonder if its really worth it! Also, all these guys are claiming to produce a new replacement ECU, and depending on the features, I may be able to get away with bigger turbos for the street. I had my aim set on 357 magnums and running about 20psi with AI, but I don't think boost is a good answer---just a chep solution. I would rather have it pump out more air so the boost can be a low 18psi and still make big numbers. Lots of questions like is porting, bigger valves, and all the other expensive machine work really worth the cost? Matt says bigbads car makes more power at 15psi then his does at 25psi-----why?? Whats the secret? I would like a low 11 second car if I am going to go through the expense of turbos, forged pistons and the like. So far nobody with any real power can get a clutch to hold up. Is our tranny really that tough that it can break clutches claiming 800h.p. clamping forces? My car has almost 100k on it and nothing for sale right now comes close to it for the price. I don't even think my neighbors Porsche is better in any way. Vettes just look too cheap, like a more expensive T/A. I am just waiting for the engine management to become more viable and or available--then I will proceed.

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Since I hit the track last I've put in a Fidanza Flywheel and installed the GT Pro CF hood with a cold air setup. I'm still waiting on my CF driveshaft. That will be a total loss of 82 lbs since I ran the 11.82...most of that weight is driveline weight so hopefully I'll get more out of it. If I get the driveshaft before February when the tracks open back up the car should run 11.6's in pure street mode. :eek:
wraith said:
Matt says bigbads car makes more power at 15psi then his does at 25psi-----why?? Whats the secret
did he really say that? That sounds kind of crazy to me.
Matt says bigbads car makes more power at 15psi then his does at 25psi-----why?? Whats the secret
alot more cfm... that is the key.. psi means nothing.. compare stocks at 12psi and bigger turbos at 12psi the bigger turbos own the stocks...
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