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I am a huge fan of the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth. I used to race BMX and I first encountered a Dodge Stealth when two famous Pro BMXer's showed up at a National Race event in Brookville OH back in the early 90's. Charles Townsend and Harry Leary were the racers to whom it may concern. Anyway I fell in love with the car and despite two of my favorite racers and mentors were the occupants... I was more drawn to the car itself than them. Since then being a guy who just started college I really wanted that car. However life happened and my former fiancé and mother of my son had other plans and the dream of obtaining that car for myself was quickly and almost certainly dashed. That was years ago... then a wonderful stroke of luck happened. After my mother passed away I decided to go to work for my father who owned a used car lot. Point was so that I could spend more time with him before I lost him as well. This was two yrs ago. while there he had come into possession of a 1997 Mitsubishi 3k GT. That same feeling came over me that I had when I was a young man and I just had to have this car. Still wasn't able to afford it however because I was paying off a house and catching up on taxes on it. Which I managed to do over the course of a year and a half. While working during that time my current vehicle died and I was allowed to drive the Mitsubishi for a time and this angered a jealous co-worker who later decided that it would be a good idea to sabotage the mitubishi and make it appear to my dad that I was irresponsible... what he did was loosen all of the fluid caps on the car one day when I was on the lot with a customer... So the next day when I was due to make a drive up state for about an hr drive... the engine overheated and melted the reservoir cap... I did not drive it any further along my destination the second I saw the indicator rise... but their was a ton of steam ofc and I called for a tow. SO that rendered the car with a bown head or two... Now im still going to buy it but I want to do the repair to the heads on my own. I had few quotes done to do the work on it and the prices they gave me just seems insane.$1800 ?? I can see the heads right there under the manifold. So I cant understand how the cost is so high and have this feeling these guys are wanting to stick me real good. I mean the cost for the parts is about 750 and that's if I replace the heads with new ones. So I was wondering if this community could assist me in some way by telling me what resources I will need to obtain to do the work on my own. I tried finding a good video online but have only found a couple that were terrible and didn't offer much help. Ill need a precision torque wrench and a good metric socket set and extentions... which I have here at the car lot... but I do not trust our mechanic as he is the one that more or less put me and the car in this situation. I read elsewhere on here that I don't have to pull the engine to do this repair. I am somewhat mechanically inclined as I was a service tech for a bike shop for nearly 15 I am familiar with most of the tools lol. I understand the basics of engine operation and what most major parts are. So I am fairly confident I can do the work myself and save a grand. I am also looking at this car as something I want to bond with as I am sure most of the owners like to do with their versions. I've included a few pictures of what I have. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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