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Hello, I have never built a tuner car, Ii have yrs of experience with old school muscle cars Rear wheel drive monsters. However I fell in love with the 2001-2003 eclipses about two yrs ago. I have owed 3 of them started with a 2,4 turbo 5 speed, next was a very nice 01 gt (not really) it was an automatic. I final got a true 03 gt 5speed. I loved driving it. I just traded it for my 91 Stealth, base model. She is a little faded right now but there is no rust and 98000 miles, I am the second owner. I want to make her as nasty as I possible can. I want the whole package twin turbo awd and a 6 speed.. Where should I start?

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Clean it up, make sure the 60K has been done and then sell it and buy a Dodge Stealth TT or 3000gt VR4.
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welcome to the forum and 3S platform Sean

he's saying do all the maintenance and sell it, cause it'll take more time and money to turn it into a twin turbo AWD then to just buy one ready to go.
you got the car cheap for a reason.

your cars frame is not built to plug&play awd drivetrain, you will need to do cutting / welding etc.

have a read:
the TT conversion link thread

One day AWD conversion finished! (lots of pics)

I graduated ReD3kgt95r's 1995 3000GT base into Manhood.

FWD to AWD converted cars.. How many are there now?
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