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Intrax in.. but a problem

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I am having a problem with only the passenger front strut... when I turn the wheel, the spring turns on the strut, making a loud popping/grinding noise as I turn.. and it does this even though it's really compressed.. my guess is that it's not seated right somehow on the strut?

This happen to anyone else? Any suggestions?
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mine does the same thing. very anoying. I have never tried to fix it.
Are you sure that they are in right side up? I accidentaly put one in upside down when I did mine, but caught it when I was doing the other side. Either that or the upper spring insulator plate thingy is bad.

Yup Speeyuk and I had this same exact problem when doing my car. Except for on the front drivers side.

Solution: You will have to take it back off and recompress. The top hat has a very small hole on the top of it as well as the top housing of the strut it also also has a very small hole on the top plate of the strut. Now with spring compressed ans seated right on the strut take the top hat and align to where you can look through the very tiny hole on the top hat and line it up with the very tiny hole on the strut plate.

Don't know if any of that made sense but hopefully it all will when you get out there and see what I'm talking about.

Also did you buy the KYB'S?
hrmm.. I'll have to look at it..

yes, I bought KYB GR2's, although they were barely used..
Oh yea, Brian is right. I forgot about the alignment holes until he mentioned it. I used a long ¼" drive extension to stick through the top and bottom holes. I bet thats the problem.

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