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Anyone know a good web site or company where I could find a lot of modifications for the interior. There are a few parts I want to color-code with the exterior paint job and possibly get some new pedals, knob, maybe seating.

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1. Momo shift knob "cobra" with momo boot and chrome ring.
Fits nice and look awsome color matched. The best I've seen

2. Interior panals painted with SEM interior paint. Can be found
at local auto paint shop. This stuff is great. I have painted my
leather door palals looks as if it came from the factory like that!
Other parts, door knob trim, glove box, center counsel top,
vent trims, stereo trim, speedometer trim, ashtray trim.

3. Two tone seats: katskins makes nice tight seat covers that look
great, but on the expensive side. They don't have that sag look
there are other companies that make a cheeper cover.

3. Pedals: What ever looks good. Color or chrome will match. I
got both.

4. Custom floor carpet with color matched piping and a chrome
small metal peice in the middle. Looks awsome.

5. If you got one of those stereos with the monitor that pops out
you can in some units change the background of the screen to
match the color of your interior. Looks cool. Oh yea if you have
a custom stereo install matching neon from under the
plexiglass of the amp rack looks cool too. There thats my
two cents on that=)

Yes this is what Im doing with my set up. Sorry no digital
camera yet. Looks good though! Pictures comming soon.
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