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Interior lights not working

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So I just got a 95’ SL and I wanted to put in LED lights in the roof panel. All the lights worked and everything was fine, so I pulled out the old lights and put in 32mm led lights and they wouldn’t turn on anymore. So I put in the old lights back and now the old lights done work either. Anyone have any ideas?
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They don't come on at all or don't come on when you open the door? How about the light on the door panel? Do the map lights work?

A sudden loss of functional lights is usually just a blown fuse. Check your interior fuses and the tail light fuse that is in the fusebox under the hood.
If you're just talking about the roof lights not working, I would point towards a polarity issue since LEDs are often one-directional. Do you have the lights wired in sequence or parallel?

If parallel, at least some of them should come on if 1-2 of them got wiring reversed.
However, if in series and you mixed up the + and - on even one of them, that would stop the flow of electricity through the chain. We don't know your familiarity with wiring, but a lot of noob mistakes are related to 'make the colors match' by matching wire colors

If you did so something like this with traditional light bulbs in our cars, they wouldn't care. But LEDs MUST be wired in the correct direction.

It needs to be like this for LEDs, speakers, etc in series. Basically the positive/red wire always needs to be on the side coming from the battery

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