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I was really bored yesterday, so I decided to see what I could mess around with in the interior of the car. Nothing to do up front, so I turned to the trunk and noticed I didn't really like the spare tire, the tools, the plastic compartments, the fairly heavy wood covering, or the carpet for that matter:D So, I ripped everything out, which was a real pain in the ass--I have two (lackluster, I might add) amps inside the left plastic container, with the holes for the wires drilled through the container. However, the heads of the wires were too big to pass through the compartment, so I had to mutilate the compartment holes with a drill (carefully, around the wires) to get them out. So I ended up replacing the amps on the backside of the back seat (see pic). I had previously taken out the 6 disc CD changer as well, which was in the right side container, and also bolted it down to the back of the seat. Also, some of the wires (in the front of the amps) I have to relocate to make them look a little cleaner. I think it's a cross between ghetto and clean looking, you be the judge:)

Pics::mitsu: :mitsu: :mitsu:

It still needs some work, but it's fun messin around with stuff:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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