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Interior door panels bubbling

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Have any of you had this problem? I have been poking the panel with a pin and smoothing out the bubbles, but they keep coming back. I was thinking of getting a hold of a syringe and putting crazey glue in it and shooting it into the panel. Does this sound like it would work??
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This is kinda common. The vinyl cleaner you are using is seaping through loosening the glue thus leaving you with air bubbles. Not sure on a specific solution but you can try removing air flatten and change to a different vinyl cleaner.
Not that I'm calling Whitetiger a liar or anything, but I've never heard the "vinyl cleaner" explanation before. Which is not to say that he's not right. On the other hand, I haven't heard any other explanation either, so maybe he's got it! :)

From threads gone by, it seems your problem is common, and that there is no solution. At least, no graceful solution.

In an attempt to stop it getting worse, try cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap (sparingly, not saturating the vinyl), and finishing with Lemon Pledge rather than Armo-All. This may not make it better, but I guarantee from personal experience that it won't make it worse. See my FAQ for a somewhat longer explanation about the Lemon Pledge ("how do I clean my vinyl").
No, I can back up Tiger on this one. I read that somewhere shortly ago on this board also.

I don't know if it was presented as a fact at that time either, but it is the best conclusion that anyone has come up with. I for one tend to agree with it.

.....maybe in the spring I'll put forth the effort to either repair or replace my door panels....


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Actually, I've found that on my VR4s the problem only showed up after excessive heat. I'm sure the age of the glue factors in, but both of mine started to have problems after being in the paint booth. (in-> no bubbles, out-> bubbles).

As for a solution... someone (Vineet?) was selling some sort of tie-down moldings to help eliminate the door problems. (Do a search and I'm sure you find some info and a link to the website.)

Personally, I'd prefer the injected glue solution... but I did a very brief search and didn't find any suitable glue injection products. I also might try to inject the glue from the backside by carefully drilling a small hold through the backing material and plugging it with hot glue.


Just FYI... I happened across a "dispensing kit for adhesive materials and lubricants" at FRY's yesterday. It includes several syringes of varying size as well as 10 needles. I haven't tried it yet, but looks like it should work perfectly. The product is made by IDEAL Industries, Inc. and the part # is: 34-540.

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