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Installing Remote Start: Getting Wires from the hood to the inside

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I'm trying to install a remote start/alarm (Aladdin 2000) on my Dodge Stealth RT/TT.

One of the biggest problems I'm facing is how I can take wires from the hood to the inside of the car.

I would like to avoid cutting/splicing any wires if possible. Can I do this (using some harnesses maybe)?

Which is a good point to get the Tach/Tachless Engine running signal?

What is a good place for the box (the brain) and the antenna console?

I'd appreciate any other tips or links for installing remote starts.
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There is a rubber plug in the firewall behind the pedals. You can use a knife and cut a hole in it to run the wires through.

The rest of the questions I'll leave to others to answer.
Thank you, WICKEDDREW. You answered the biggest question.
You know you have to disable the switch that makes you push the clutch when you start the car, right?

If you aren't electronically inclined, you may want to take it to a local stereo shop to be installed.
What kind of starter are you installing? I've never heard of it. Oh well, no matter. One thing I'll say is I highly recommend you DON'T install and use that unit unless it is SPECIFICALLY made to exist on manual transmission equipped vehicles, otherwise you're just begging for it to drive through your front door into your lap as you're eating breakfast. That said some companies do make the harness you're looking for, but probably not for a vehicle that old. Most are for cars and trucks like 1999 and newer. I'm not sure what an "antennae console" is, but the best place for the antennae is somewhere on your windshield, out of sight, but as high as you can get it. Typically over your rearview mirror. The module should be tied up along with all the wires that go with it NEATLY under the dash away from the clutch, brake and throttle linkage, and FAR from the steering columng (sounds easy enough doesn't it). In tachless mode you won't need the signal wire, but if you do use tach mode tell me what year your car is and I'll tell you what wire to tap. Good Luck.
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WICKEDDREW, the clutch switch is not a problem, if you get to the starter from or near the starter relay. Or, I could have a relay to short it if I connect it elsewhere. I am electronically inclined, but have hardly worked on cars. It's a bit of a pain finding the wires and harnesses and IMO the manual is not very easy to read or find anything.

wild thing, I added an extra 'g' at the end. Edited it.

It is designed to be used with a manual transmission (as well as automatic). You have to leave the car running from the starter to be able to start it. It works for me, because I get (and need) the turbo timer functionality.

The Car is a '92 Stealth RT/TT and as far as I know the wiring hasn't changed significantly in the various generations of the Stealth and 3000GT.

The "Antenna Console" for want of a better name, is the part where the antenna is attached.

Is there an advantage of tach mode over the tachless mode? I found a connection to the alternator at the alternator relay in the junction box in the hood. I was thinking of not using this, because of having to bring a wire inside.
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You can grab a tach signal from the ECU wiring harness but the Directed brand remote starts I wire work fine without a signal.

When wiring a manual tranny car with remote start, I suggest using a magnetic switching system connected to the gear shifter assembly to verify that the car is in neutral. It's very easy to set up and connect.

I'll take pics when I put the system on my Stealth in a few weeks.
If it will work in tachless mode, there is no advantage to adding the engine monitor. I however usually do just for the added security since you have to run other wires under the hood anyways. The tach signal can be tapped using the white wire at the coil according to my charts. Can't verify that as I don't have the vehicle in front of me.

Thanks everyone for your help.

wildthing, could you point to me to where I might be able to find the harnesses you mentioned. I did a search but couldn't find a place which sells them. Maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing. Thanks again.

Like I mentioned earlier, I dont think the harnesses/electrics have changed in the various generations of the 3000GT/Stealth.

Go to the website
email them, see if they offer one, if they don't then I don't know who would. If you're handy with wire taps you can use the smaller yellow ones and do a fairly tidy job.
Called them. They gave me phone numbers of resellers down here in FL. Called them, none of them had it. Called CrimeStoppers again. Finally spoke to someone besides the receptionist. Looks like they dont make it for the Stealth/3000GT. :(

Do you think the harness for the turbo-timers will help a little?
a little, damn little

The T harness isn't even a great deal of help, a T for a turbo-timer would be even less help as you'd still need to tap starter and accessory wires. Like I said previously, it is very possible to use the smaller type yellow wire taps and be tidy about your install, thats my suggestion. Those T harnesses are a way to get your money and they add a bunch of unnecessary wiring to your under-dash.
Finally Did It

Well, not completely. Just hooked up the remote start functionality and alarm from the shock sensor (I didn't have to do anything much for this). So I have remote start and turbo timer functionality and I know if someone bumps my car or gets in and depresses the brake pedal. I got frustrated and simply cut the clutch switch which is just in front of the clutch. Getting at those wires is a bit tough, as it's quite cramped and you have to get your head and hands in where the pedals are. I've installed the remote start without the manual transmission functionality (I cut the brown wire) because for some reason it wouldn't work the way it said in the manual. I used wire taps (I didnt know such a thing existed till I started this) all over, no cuts except for the clutch. I used an alternator wire (blue) which is on the right side very close to the stereo. I used a relay for IG2, not how it says in the Aladdin manual, but how I figured out from the Stealth Factory Manual (IG2 connected to IG1 except when start is engaged).

I still have to connect the siren, door locks, door switch, truck switch, hood switch and parking lights. One of the biggest problems is the door lock, it's all the way in the corner under the dash on the right side. It's a box of 4 relays and I have no idea how I'm going to get there. I also wonder how I'm going to get the siren wire inside. WICKEDDREW said something about a hole under the floor board. I haven't looked there, but even if I find it, how do I reach it from the engine compartment? I'm thinking of getting it from the front door. I dont know if this such a good idea, because I dont want to damage the weather proofing.

Took a whole weekend. But now I dont have to sit in my car in the morning to warm it up or wait in my office parking for it to cool down and wait in my office parking in the evening again for it to warm up and wait at home in the evening for it to cool down.

Whew. Thanks again everyone for your help. If someone has any questions or wants pictures, I'll be glad to help.
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I see you have tons of work left to do, and if I can help in any way just send email me, or message, but make your questions clear so I can in turn make my answers clear for you. If you've only got starter and turbo timer functionality you've only completed the SIMPLEST part. What you have coming up for door monitor, locks, trunk etc. are much more difficult with the exception of the siren, piece of cake there. Oh, and you should DEFINITELY try to make that manual trans. stuff work, even if you have a bad module and have to send it back in to be replaced. Guaranteed if you don't, sooner or later you'll go out to your car and find it buried into a tree, or building.
Actually the rubber plug that WICKEDDREW was talking about is directly above the steering column and if looking from the engine bay it is right behind the A/C High pressure side line.
its illegal (in FL at least) to install remote start on a vechile equipped with a manual transmission. just figure i should mention it.

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