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installing Cusco bar

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Does somebody have a link of a few pictures of the Cusco rear strut bar installed. I haven't been able to find any live links in old searches. A few pictures would be much appreciated.
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try this out, and thx Jeff.

click grage->step by step->Cusco Strut Bar
Here ya go

Dont have any pics of mine at the moment.

thanks guys. Much appreciated.
this is something i'm plannin on doing when i get a stut tower bar. why cut holes in the plasctic bits tat cover it and have it look bad, or leave them off and have i look bad when you could just get seom leather and make a shift boot like device for it? you can't cut the plastic peices too close as the bar ha to flex, well, a "strut bar boot" would take car of that. just an idea. may have been stupidly said, haven't slept in two days, good night
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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