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After returning from a two day trip a started my car and noticed that it was running rough and the check engine light came on. I pulled the engine error code and got code "53" which translates to "ignition coil #3 and #6 cylinders, or power transistor".

I was wondering if there is anyway to verify that it is the ignition coil that is bad or the power transistor? I'm going to try and swap the ignition coil for cylinders #2 and #5 with the possible bad one, reset the ECU and then see if the engine error code changes to indicate the bad coil in the new location.

If the coil is bad I was thinking of upgrading the ignition system to the 45000 volt accel coils and new plug wires. I've done some searching and it looks like there might be a problem doing this with a complete stock system? Something about the oxygen sensors will now read lean since more of the fuel will be burnt in the cylinder due to a better spark. I would like to get more opinons if this upgrade should be done on a stock system. And if I do upgrade the coils and plug wires do I need to re-gap/replace the stock spark plugs??

I'd appreciate any help, direction, or opinons on the matter.

By the way, I have a 94 VR4 stock except K&N air filter, with 81,500 miles. The 60k maintaince was done at 60k miles.
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