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Import Night, Joliet

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Here's the link

Anyone want to go? I just moved up to Chicago for the summer, and my vr4 is about an hour and a half south of here. If I can go home, get it and come up and race, then you guys have no excuse!

Who wants to go kick some ricer a$$? :D

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66 has Nazi Techs.
I'm used to Byron... so I'll actually have to pop my hood? lol
even if im up and running right with full tune i dont expect to pass tech either. Especially not at 66 i hear bad things
weren't you Neosomething werks at jiffy lube and got some money or soemthign?? So when you gonna show the rest of the Chicago crew the beast?
He'd only be running on 4 cylinders if it weren't for me!
His car should be a monster when it's broken in and tuned.

Too bad he can't launch! :p

In case anyone else decides to go, I'll more than likely show. Anyone know where to get some c16 or other race gas around there? Do they have some at the track?
I have no idea, but if you want 100 octane i know where to find it.
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