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im loosing alot of power after 4000rpms!!

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ok, durring 2nd gear and all the way up i notice alot of power loss ussually after 4000, like im going againt a 100 mph head wind, and the rpms raise alot slower. this is the same in 3rd gear, and each higher gear feels worse. this has caused me to only run a 14.2 with the mods below, not the boost controller cause its not installed yet. i have ngk v plugs gaped at stock. im thinking its blow out, so i got some ngk platinum and gapped them to .032 (not yet installed) and my mechanic said that you cant gap a platinum plug because it will hurt it in some way. is the problem even spark blow out? what else could be wrong?
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a guess would be a leak or crack in some turbo hoses. I don't know much but my car is having the same problem but I have an excuse 205,000 miles :O)
Which hoses? IC hoses or the smaller wastegate type actuators?

yeah, i thought about that, and my mechanic seems to think thats what it may be. but how do i find where it is anyways? there is alot of hosing.
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