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I'm back in the Mitsu family with Boost

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If any of you guys remember I used to have a red '94 3kGT base model. My wife and I decided to sell it because she was in school full time and it was getting expensive. Well now that she is done with that good 'ole educashun we are buying a '98 Eclipse GS-T. We test drove it today and are taking it at the first of next week. It was quite a bit faster then I thought. I was very pleased. It is white with brown leather, Infinity sound system, 10 disc changer...ect... It is extemely clean with only 30k miles on it. The first thing I will be buying is a turbo timer. Hopefully in about a year this cars nickname will be BEAST!

Just thought I would share the news with the crowd. Once we pick it up I will post some pictures.

(of course we will be keeping the Porsche)
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bah! you need a vr-4 sir..but grats on the eclipse
The '97 GSX I just picked up does not feel that much faster than my SOHC '97 3000GT did. :shrug:

I know the turbo DSMs have a lot of potential, and are fun to drive for sure, but right out of the box they leave a little to be desired... or maybe I'm just spoiled on the speed of the VR-4.

Congrats on the GS-T!
I know I need a VR4 but I don't think my wife does. She will be driving the Eclipse a lot since it is new. My Porsche is quite harsh and uncomfortable, just how I like it!

I think the GS-T is definately faster then a N/A 3S, but it would by no means totally blow the doors off.... 3S's still rule in my book!:D
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