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illegal air filter

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K&N Aircharger performance kit # 63-1000 ,is that the one thats illegal now? thats for the 3000gt N/A's and the turbo eclipses?

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supposedly they don't make it anymore... but you should still get it if you can :)
y is that one illegal now???
why is it illegal and is it better than the other air filters?
If the filter is to open .. or takes in to much air ( as if there is no filter) . ppl consider it to be illegal .. moroons ! :rolleyes:
before you start calling people morons probe boy you better get your shit straight

the reason why its illegals is perhaps it doesnt have a carb sticker or not carb approved. If you check out MVP motorsports they sell two types of KN filters....illegal and has carb sticker and the other doesnt
Hey buddy ! its *moroon* not moron.. its less offensive .
Put a regular ******legal******* K&N right on ur Mas sensor... and bring it to get inspected !! YOU WON'T PASS INSPECTION.. Over here they don't allow that !
so would the illegal one give me a little better more performance than the legal one?
Nah is all the same thing and if there is a difference in the airflow it will be by like .00123 or something. LOL. The performance gain is all the same if any at all.;)
no the ilegal is better. you can easily see the size difference. plus the illegal one is cheaper. if you dont have to worry about emissions get the illegal one. i love florida no emissions people drive without exhausts you could hear the about 8 blocks away
LOL i live in FL :D :D and i hope this summer around spring break..they will hold another contest bout chicks being the on cars..*sigh* gotta love the Florida beaches:) and the half naked females who walk on them :D :D
LOL thats gotta suck though when the thick chicks AKA well fed chicks AKA thick boned chicks run around naked..haha
nytemyst said:
i love florida no emissions
BASTARD!!!!!. J/K hehe:D
they dont seem to care about my air filter when i get inspections, or my overly tinted lights for that matter. in fact, i usually drive up in the bay with my green snake eyes on cuz the guys love it so much, hahahaha
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