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IGNITION (the place where you put the key)

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I have a perfectly-working key ignition ALONG WITH TWO KEYS (the nice ones with the big black blob on the end). This came out of a 91 Stealth RT/TT, I do not know what other cars this will work with.

I do not have the other keysets (ie doors and hatch) (well, I do have the passenger side keyset if you want it).... so you'd have to use one key for the doors/hatch and another for the ignition.

This would be great for someone whose ignition is getting "loose" or is broken.

I'm taking offers, make the offer here or email me from the link below.
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Still have it.... matter of fact just took it out of the car today... it's VERY easy to do, about 20 minutes start to finish.

If your ignition is "loose" or whatever this is the part you need to fix it!
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