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I have searched the forums and read everything I can on the car's idle system.
I have a new (black) IAC and it ohms at 40 across all four coils. The car has no boost or vacuum leaks and a complete leak down shows less than 10% on all cylinders.
The problem: the car idles very high, around 2000 rpm. When the ac or power steering is used the rpms drop instead of rise. The BISS can be closed all the way tight and the car will idle at 1100, but will stumble when you turn the wheel at a stop. The car comes down to idle very slow when you close the throttle. It also tends to backfire or pop when the throttle is closed rapidly, though in not sure it's related.
I don't have a data logger, is there a way to test if the ecm is even sending a signal to the IAC? The ecm is new 6 months ago. Any help or questions appreciated!
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