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IcyVR4 is definitely BAD!!!!!!

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Hi fellas, I need to post this information for everyone. It is about Tim -aka- Icy VR4

Back in Sept. I sent Tim $750 for some IC pipes and a custom DP. Well, he promised to have the stuff made and delivered in a few days. That never happened!!!!!! When I finally got the DP, it was horrible. He said it was gonna be just like a stillen DP. HAHAH what a joke!!!!!!!!!!! 1st of all, his parts are crush bent, when he promises mandrel bent. He uses aluminized steel instead of stainless. The DP was basiclly a stock replica. It was "F" shaped instead of "Y" shaped. it is only 2.5 inch, it was crush bent aluminized steel. The pipe itself was of piss poor quality. The welds were HORRIBLE looking. Big globs of weld and tons of fireballs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! Hans and Omar can verify this. They obviously seen the DP when them tried to install it. Which is another issue. The pipe didn't even fit. It was not even close. We couldn't even bend it over and adjust it to fit.

Then there was my IC pipes. He said he had them finished, and that he shipped them. Well, I never got them. He said that the post office made a mistake, or he put the wrong address on them, but regardless, I never got them. Then he said he made another set. He supposedly shipped them directly to Hans, since my car was down there being worked on. Well, Hans never got them either. About 3 days later, Tim said the he got a package back from the post office and that it was allegedly refused at Hans's house. Thats BS. Hans gets shipments everyday and no other shipment has ever been refused. Another thing is that Tim got the pipes back like 3 days after he sent them. The day after they were to be delivered. Well, any idiot knows that if u send a package that has to be returned to sender, YOU NEVER GET IT BACK THAT QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Tim, give me some credit.

Finally, after all his BS, i told him that I no longer wanted his products, and being that the DP didn't even fit, I just wanted my money back for everything. Especially since he didn't live up to his promises and agreement in the 1st place. Well, he said that was fine, but I would have to wait for the money because he was broke. I tried to be nice and give him a little time to come up with the money. Then he is gonna tell me that HIS FRIEND told him that he doesn't have to return anything to me, because he can still deliver what he promised. That's BS. He promised to deliver my products at least 3 weeks prior to that conversion, and the product that he did send was not what it was supposed to be. I then told him that I was done waiting, and that that was his problem if he was broke, I wanted my money now. It is my money and I didn't wait to send it to him, so why should i have to wait to get it back. Well, he said I would have it within 2 weeks or so. Well, it has been over 2 weeks, and still nothing. I have emailed him and called him and left messages, he wont return my calls or email. I called him this morning, and he answered the phone, I know it was him, i know his voice, but when I asked if he was home he said NO he is not. This is BS. I paid this man $750 of my hard earned money, and he did not deliver what he promised to deliver. He doesn't seem to want to return my money and he is now just avoiding me altogether. I would sue him, but that wont help, because it will take me forever to get into court, let alone get my money back. This is really f**ked up. He is a very bad business man, and an even worse person. What kind of person trys to rip off a fella 3si member?

SO please, take my words for what they are worth. Anyone that has any other ?'s can either email me, or they can talk to Hans or Omar.

Thanks for reading this book, and i hope to save anyone from future ass screwings from IcyVR4. I will take some pictures of the DP and post them as proof to the quality of his work

Take it easy guys,
[email protected]
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Greedy_Bones - I am going to have to agree with Greddy on this one. I sent IcyVR4 some clear corners in exchange for a test pipe and front pipe and he NEVER has sent me either one. It has been at least 2 months and he will not return emials. I do my best with my clear corners to keep my customers happy, I wish I could say the same for Icy:mad:
That was the guy that had a problem a few month's a go when he said that he cant not sell or make some pipes or something, i wonder if that was for riping somebody. :confused:
His last post was on 10/13.

AOL is pLaYb0y2OOl
ICQ is 125711606

Cell number is 724-344-0204 AND IT STILL WORKS.

That is in Pennsylvania...

There's a TIM HARRISON at:
51 E Urner St
Pottstown , PA
but the number 610-705-0338 was disconnected

GREEDY: Is that the info you got for him? Is that the address you sent the $$ to??
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Jeremy: No, thats not his address. He lives out near Pittsburg. I dont have the address right here with me now, but I have it and if you need it I can get it for you. I actually talked to him the other day. he finally called me. He said he was sending some of my money out yesterday and that he was gonna send me money every week until he pays me all my money. We'll see!!!!! I'll keep you guys posted as to what happens.


PS. That is his cell phone # though!!!!!!!!!
damn that is bullshit. It sounds to me like this guy tries to rip off fellow 3si'ers. Let us know if he actually sends you any money.
yea, 724, i know exactly where that is at. Some parts of the pittsburgh area is 412, others 724. He must be close to me, find me an address and ill see what I can do ;)
My area code is 724..:D
I found this topic rather embarassing in a way that, I get in some trouble that I cannot get out of, and have to put a hold on either making a product or refunding money, and all of the sudden, I'm an evil criminal that you guys decided to hunt down, sheesh! How rediculous. Oh well, I believe everyone got what the wanted in the end, but that wasn't posted, only the negative, oh well, I could care less. Anyone that wanted to find me, shouldn t' have been hard, everyone read the dialogue between Kenneth Ellis and Myself and I gave him exact directions to my home...
Ok Ok, I forgot to post this, but Tim(Icy) did finally refund my money. As for all that other stuff, I dont know about that shit. Tim, I dont know who you were making reference to when u said about hunting you down, but if I wanted to find you, or come looking for you, trust me, I WOULD HAVE!!!!!!!!! I am assuming that you were talking about someone else.

Oh well, I FINALLY got my money back, which is all I wanted, so all that other shit is kinda like whatever.

Icy, you ever gunna send my test pipe?!
Yeah charles I'll send it once I get back into the swing of things.

And Ty, that wasn't in reference to you, that was in reference to the bastard that called my phone and refused to give his name, and whoever threatened to gather on my lawn. Not you.
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