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I realy need help quick

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:( guys i realy need help before i blow my motor and everything.
The thing goes like this.
I recently instaul on my car the :
Dynamic racing 13G's
Dynamic racing stage 1 fuel pump 310lph @ 43psi
RC 550 cc injectors
ARC2 with the upgrade AIR FLOW(87MM)
NGK gap to 0.030.
The problem is since i have instaul this parts it seams that the car is runing so RICH that the fuel goes and mix itself with the oil and it disaulute the oil at the point that the oil gets burnd and goes out from the exhaust, i get a lot of blue smoke from the exaust under disacceleration and some times at stand still when i accelerate i get smoke too.
I try to adjust the LOW button on the ARC2 but if i do so the engine tend to stop( the revs dicrease and the engine stops runing).
please advise as soon as posible cause i do not whant to blow my engine.
P.S. before instauling all this parts the car did not smoke at all.
and the engine was runing great.
Also what fuel pressure must our cars have?
Thanks Yiannis Ioannou Cyprus.
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