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I put a deposit on my vr and the dealer wants me to sign before the end of the right now I have a 93 Base Model Stealth w/ Power everything, Spoiler, TSW VX1 Chromes and Eagles GSC tires (NEW on rims and tires), fairly new timing belt and water pump as well as a the car has 73k on it and its 5 Spd....any idea what I should sell it for(rims cost 2496) (I have an offer for 9500 should I take it?)....I need to sell so I can get the $22k for the VR4

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I AGREE!! Take it, I have a '93 Pearl White R/T and haven't been offered that much. I have been given excuses by dealers such as, "well we don't move that kinda car anymore, thats why they stopped making's not a good time of year to sell yours, wait till the spring" So I would go for it! BTW enjoy your VR-4!

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