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I need Tires . . . and your opinions PLEASE

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I need to put on new tires. I've been shopping around and looked at quite a few. I would really like some real world user referrals on what you've liked the best.

245/40/18 don't come cheap . .

so I want them to have

wet tracking (Florida remember)

give it up. I am staying stock rims (new) any alternate size suggestions

I know this is a tired subject. But tire availability changes with also.

Thanks for the responses or directions to the definitive threads

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whats up bob, it will only be a matter of time before these assholes get thrown off the board. Would have liked to hang with you last weekend with the rest of the guys but unfortunately I moved to NC :(

I don't know about 18's but for 17's I like 255/40's. I noticed a lot better handleing. I suppose wider 18's would be better too.
get toyo t1 proxes. They are expensive, but they look great. They are very agressive looking and are supposed to have most contact area. The guy where I bought mine told me that they are a different rubber compund so they will last longer than the nitto nt 555. Don't know if this is true but you can't really see any wear on my tires and I've had them for about a year. They are expensive though. I kept my stock rims and to have the tires mounted and balanced cost like $1200, but if you ask me they are well worth it.

Falken Ziex

I have Falken Ziex on my Stealth and my CRX needless to say I like them a lot they are not expensive last a long time, great in the rain, and pretty dang good in the snow they would be my suggestion.

* Look great
* Allow you to drive like an idiot in the rain
* Given proper rotation and maintenence will last for a long time

- price for some (shop around)
- I have noticed in my car and in my brother, they make a lot of noise on the highway
How do you move to an alternate tire size?

Canyou go from 245/40/18 to

255/40/18 or should it be 255/35/18???

GeForce KD, and S-O3...

read tirerack review, and visit local auto-xer..can't go wrong
i just bought dunlop sp sports 5000s off of tire rack when they get here in a few days ill let u know how they are

Yokos & Firestone r good & not so much $
Bob, Im in South FL so we get the same share of rain. I am SO happy with my EP Nitto NT555 tires.

1.) Excellent Grip. And I mean excellent.
2.) Never had a problem with the rain. Although the 3/S's hydroplane very easily, I've never wrapped myself around a tree because of them.
3.) You have the confidence that comes with riding on NITTO's.
4.) Previously owned a set of Toyo FZ-4's and although they were good, I'd much rather have the Nitto's on the wheels.
5.) Although Z rated, tread wear is not as bad as you'd think.

1.) $ Price $
i heard that kumho ecsta supra tires are great. they have an awesome price (cheap!!) but good quality and are good for the rain.

the nitto tires are way too loud for my liking. they make too much road noise.

and who cares what a damn tire looks like!?!?!? it's how it performs!!!!!

my bridgestone potenza RE71s are pretty nice. they have worn fairly fast tho. very good dry grip, good in the rain and snow. and $135 or so a pop, mounted and balanced for 255/40/17s. i have never heard them squeal once... maybe that means i'm not pushing it hard enough?:)
Firestone Firehawks will do the trick and they are fairly reasonable.
i like the BridgeStone RE-730, they are not expensive and hold the ground well. traction in the rain is also good.
but not quiet
Kumho 712 are good for the price but not the best grip. Firstone sz50 were the best i've had.
Bob ??? Where are you driving to ??? I thought u just got your car ??? Oh well, I have Falkens and believe they are real good for you monsoon type rains down in FL. I was unfortunate in being on of those magic monsoons where it appeared outta nowhere while I was in Orlando.
Falkens are a good bet since I was able to fly down the highway and still maintain a good pace even though it was pouring cats and dogs down there.
I had bad rims

Now that I've replaced the rims the tire wear on the bad rims leaves me with cupped Yokohama 028s with 8k miles that won't roll right to the point that they are affecting the handling. Sad very Sad:(

So I should add that Tire Manufacturing Quality as it pertains to initial roundness and tendancy to wear evenly and maintain true handling are very important.

I've been considering

Dunlop sport 9000 ($235)
Michelin XGT Z4 ($235) - only available in 255/40/18
Michein Pilot Sports ($282)
Brigestone S-03 Pole Positions ($211)

What I really need to know is, based on use and experience is there a less expensive alternative that hits the high quality mark in all areas covered.

QUALITY (throughout tire life)
wet tracking (Florida remember)
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I think Bridgestone Potenzas are phenomenal. People say good wet traction, yeah it's great, but what I really care about it where it delivers! I find the treadwear to be better than people told me and I don't think they're loud at all.
So, Rah

Do you have the
RE 730s,
S-02 Poles or
S-03 Poles

pole positions

I've had Bridgestone Pole position S02's for almost a year.

Live in Germany....which means....

1. Can drive as fast as my car goes.
2. It rains here at least 200 days a year.
3. See snow multiple times per year.

From using my tires in these conditions I can honestly say that these are the best tires I have ever bought.....and I understand that there is an S03 now.

1. Superior grip at all speeds.
2. Superior grip at all the WET.
3. Never had a problem in the snow.
4. They are quieter than the Dunlop 9000's, the Pirelli 7000's, and the eagle GSC's I had.

I really can't say enough about these things. The other tires I was considering were the Michelin Pilot Sports.
After reading some comparo's between the two, I decided on the Bridgestones.
I'm sure the Michelin's are great tires. Have some pilots on my bike and they are AWESOME.

The Bridgestones are not cheap. But I'll paraphrase Reeves Callaway by saying that there is only 1 part on the entire car that touches the road, and that is a tire.

I've never skimped on tires. And while it costs a few bucks more, I've never regretted it.

Just my 02...
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