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i need a front innerstructure

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i need a front innerstructure off a 94 or newer preferably vr-4 also need some of the internals
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Are you talking about the front metal bumper?

Its the bumper reinforcement right? If so I have one of a 94 stealth I r/t I think... I bought it on e-bay but never put it in becuase I decider just to unbend my bent one and cut out a bunh of peices on mine to make it lighter.. The one I have is perfect condition.. no bends... Ok let me know.... Bryan
front innerstructure as is.... take your 3000gt/stealth remove the hood, headlights, bumper, blinkers, motor. and everything from the shock tower foward thats what i need

Nope don't have that.. Whoa must of beena major accident if that is what you are looking for... Alright then good luck buddy... bryan
put my vr-4 into the woods at 85mph front is messed up, not all to bad though.
I see...

That sucks man... Well ok if you get it but still need the metal bumper reinforcement, Its yours for 75$ shipped... Ok good luck buddy.... Bryan
i just bought a front clip and tooka a vr-4 motor out but put in in my car. i still have it if your interested. some of the panes are dented but besides that i have everything i think you need esides the motor.

let me know,
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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