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I need a '94 AWD driveshaft

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I have determined that the propeller (drive) shaft on my 1994 RT TT has had the bun. The rear section, which looks like two tubes of different diameters stuck together, has been spinning at this joint making a hellish racket and robbing acceleration.
Does anyone have a (low mileage) shaft for sale that will fit a second generation 6 speed turbo car? And if so, how much do ya want for it and how are we going to get it to Canada?
Lots of questions, but let me know if you know the answer.
thanks, Dan
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Prepare to be shafted for a full driveshaft. I was missing just that first section (someone stole it...)
Mitsu dealer wanted 1700 for a new one, 1200 for a rebuilt one
Salvage yards wanted around 1000-1100 without any warranty.
unless you find someone here parting out, and gives a good deal,
I would recomend you just do a carbon fiber driveshaft for around a 1000$
Do a search and it will bring up some phone numbers
Do you still have the back 2 sections?
I can't believe someone would steal just the one part.
regards, Dan
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