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I know of a 95 Stealth TT with blown motor for sale $9k I think

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Ok here's the deal I know this car (silver 95 TT) it has a spun rod bearing or something? the story I heard is that a turbo oil line cracked and the guy ran it out of oil. It has like 55,000 miles on it, factory sunroof, grey leather (drivers seat kinda worn), aftermarket 17" wheels (stock 18's got all trashed) The reason I know about the car is I wanted to buy it for like $6000 but the guy wanted $9000 :rolleyes: I got to talking to him and he wanted me to put a new motor in it but he has no money:eek: but he said he would make payments to me or sell it and split the profit, I basically said ya right:D I really don't need the extra work anyway.

The body is Ok looking but you can tell it has had some work front bumper, drivers fender, and door and GFX have been repainted/repaired the signs of bad paint work are there orange peel, dust, overspray. It dosen't look bad but you can pick it appart up close.

The car is located in Rockford IL, 61107 I think I might wait till it sits over the winter and inquire about it some more in the spring hopefully for $6k :)I offered him $6500 in July and he would not take it:( I just thought I would throw it up here and see if anyone is intrested. O the guy said he had a preformance clutch put in it (whatever that means) he didn't know much about cars could be Napa or something:rolleyes: With a new motor and all fixed up the car could be worth $13-$15k to the right person. Knowing my luck I would buy it for $7500 or something dump $3000 into a motor to find it has a junk trans or something :eek: I liked the $7000 I paid for my yellow one with 100k and it still looks and runs almost perfect.
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CAn you see if he can post some pics ???? I am curious to see about it. Thanks.
There was a Stealth up here for $6k U.S. (95 TT, yellow) that was burning a quart of oil a week, needed an engine rebuild.

Look around- Most of the "problem" 3/S cars go for pretty cheap because the owners usually take them directly to the dealer for a repair quote (which scares them into selling).

RE: you believe that the repairs to this car are finish related only or has there been body work done that might need to be reworked? In other words is this paint shop work or body work that it might need?

Where in Rockford is this stealth?
Umm...this thread is from almost 3 years ago??? :p

How do you know?
There is a date right above the user name on each post. From the first one:

10-28-2001, 09:15 PM

My bad, sorry, that's what i get when i use the search function
I'm using the search right now and I just noticed that sometimes it returns the oldest threads first, sometimes newest. Weird... That's probably what happened.

tbadiuk said:
Umm...this thread is from almost 3 years ago??? :p


hahah lmao
There's quite a story behind that car too if memory serves... Wonder what happend to it.
hopefully in storeage waiting for me to buy it and restore it! :D
LOL here's the story, I found that car sitting behind a repair shop behind Beef A Roo on Riverside. I told some people about it and a guy "Marcus Frost" was interested in it "all fixed" from what a friend told me so I told my friend who knew him where it was. Marcus and my buddy ended up buying it without me being involved, and I stood to make some $$$ on it so I was unhappy.

I could have had it for around $6000 and if I let it sit there till that spring I bet I could have got it for $4500 or so by then. And I even bought my first parts 3000 for a motor to have for "that" car. I ended offering up to $6800 to the guy but Marcus offered more than I would pay for it.

It ended up sitting around for a while after he bought it and then finally my buddy fixed it (1/2 ass) for Marcus many months later. And that was only because Marcus had sold it to someone on E-bay for well over $10k in the sorry shape it was in (the hood looked to be spray painted) and he never even drove it once. I feel bad for the guy that paid that for it, I wouldn't have even given more than $8K with it running.

I think Marcus went and bought a 93 Vr4 right after he sold the stealth and is on 3/Si from time to time. I know he has had MoparJim do sometrans work on his 3000 not too long ago.

I find these cars sometimes. Right now I have a 95 Spyder VR4 I have way too much $$$ in that I need to finish and sell someday. Then I also have a 93 Stealth TT that has a blow motor and the car itself is in somewhat bad shape (trying to decide what way to go about a title on that one)
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hahhahaha that is too funny, I was reading it cause it was at the top, just reading down the post and waaalaa.. lol
Hey there you are James! Been wondering where you been hiding lately...

I remember you saying the car looked like it had been in an accident or something. Here's that thread:
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