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I just raced a Metro type R!!!

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I was on my way home from the dreaded DOT drug screen in my moms '02 Subaru 2.5RS (with mom and sister in the car). I was stopped at a light when I heard some revving beside me. To my amazement it was an ultra rare Geo Metro type R! dark blue with the chrome hubcaps. I get all excited realizing it was a race for sure.
I started revving back. The light changed and off we went!My mom didn't appreciate the 6000RPM launch very much,but my sister was laughing hysterically.At the end of third gear I was about 6 carlengths ahead.I backed out of it and a few seconds later he comes by me. It wasn't til then that I saw the shiny 4" exaust tip. A smile came across my face realizing that not only did I get the better of a Merto Type R, but a modded one at that.

Now that I think of it, I'm not sure if my sister was laughing at my killer launch or the other car.:)
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i wonder just how many upgrades there are for a 3 cylinder engine..... :D :D
Dude, I've heard a lot about those type-r's. I hear that with that fatty tip they dyno at like 56hp, and then with those lightened chrome hubcaps, they drop at least 300lbs. Plus, he probably had those nice three into one headers, and that means he gets more hp per cylender yo, and that's all that really matters in racing. I wonder if he had that tyt3 mod where the radio stations are preset? Man, I'm just surprised you stayed ahead of him that long, cause obviously you cheated on the launch by using all four wheels.
he must not have been tryin'. yeah....that's it: he was just playin' wit ya.
dude come clean do you have NOS in your car?
I call BS cause those type R metros are deadly quick!!!
933000 said:
i wonder just how many upgrades there are for a 3 cylinder engine..... :D :D
there's the often fabled "fourth cylinder" upgrade... but never done to any degree of functionality... LOL
Ever heard of the Sprint turbo, or the Pontiac Firefly? Late 80's or so metro sized pocket rocket. Ugly, small, light and turbo'd. I can't remember exact times for them but I'm thinking 7-8 second 0-60 times and low 16's in the 1/4th mile. Not blazing or anything, but surprizing given how damn ugly the things were. Good kill though, I bet he was surprised. he he

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