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I have this hesitation problem that is now getting annoying.. please help..

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Ok.. so here is some background info for you to start..

1993 Stealth ES. 135k miles. NGK plugs and wires with about 20,000 miles on them.

At low RPMs, when I get on the gas, the car kinda sputters and hesitates and then once RPM's get above 4k it goes away and doesn't really do it. It does it mainly like, from a stop, when I accelerate, around 3k RPMs it starts, and my car sputters and hesitates until I get to around 4k RPM and goes away..

I checked my plugs and there was one that was loose, so I thought that might be the problem, but it wasn't. The plugs themselves are a white-ish gray color..

Do I need new plugs and wires again? or could it be something else.
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Sounds like it's your plugs.. not your wires.. definately sounds like your plugs.. check the gap, electrode, and plug condition.. you might be best to grab a new set.. somethings definately wrong with them.
sounds like fuel system... white-ish plugs = lean?? cloged fuel system?

try a bottle of Redline inj cleaner 1st...
I thought that too, but my A/F gauge is telling me that I'm always running rich...

I'll try some injector cleaner first, and then if the problem is still there I'll swap in some new plugs..

I do have some 360cc injectors I could put in.. but, I don't have a S-AFC to tune with, and I heard that the electronics are different for VR-4 injectors than n/a injectors.... what's up with that?
93...could be the caps in the ECU going. $5 + some time fix if you're handy with a soldering pencil....Check the forsale section for someone selling cap kits....

Hmm make sure your throttle body is clean that can make your car feel sluggish or stick during acceleration.
your really gonna have to isolate the problem..either fuel or spark related. You can check your plug wires with a volt/ohm meter. As cheap as spark plugs are, it wouldn't hurt to throw a new set in, at least you could rule that out if it doesn't help. I would do that, then check your plug wires. Eliminate the spark issue first. It's much easier to address.
Have you been driving in the mountains recently?? Taking sharp corners? Burning rubber? Fish tailing? squeeling tires?? Getting on gas much? hehe.
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