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I got some ends!!!!

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I got a 500 dollar check in the mail... What should i spend it on??

I have a 97 sl with K and N, UDP, all the stereo i can take, rims tires and custom exhaust... I was thinking along the lines of S-AFC?? But what else is out there.
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How about a Bomex front lip? Or indiglo gauges and save the rest.
safc is pimp.. i got one! :) got the UDP already.. hmmm.. GET THE NEW CUSTOM EXHAUST shawn baker is making! thats about 475 with apexi N1 mufflers! oooooh theres an idea eh?
edit* nevermind you got exhaust..
you can give the money to me!! or buy me the UR pulley..

oh. you can get the front strut tower bar..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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